Screaming kids
Monday, May 19, 2014 - 9:49 am

My family and I recently went to local restaurant expecting a nice meal. Just after our food arrived, a child at the table behind us started screaming so loudly that it echoed in the busy restaurant. This screaming went on for more almost 15 minutes while the parents/grandparents at the table did nothing except angrily say “We don’t scream!” After an angry patron went to the wait staff about the issue, the waitress asked the child if she’d like to come make some food in the back. The child screamed “no” at the waitress. I would like to thank the restaurant for at least trying to remedy the situation, but this family should have been asked to leave. Please, if your children scream in public, take them to the restroom or outside to calm them down instead of allowing your child’s and your selfish behavior to ruin the experience of others! Furthermore...teach your children respect. I was appalled that the family let their child speak to the waitress the way she did!