Save the planet?
Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 10:13 am

Does the Town of Hopkinton really want its legacy to be industrial wind turbines; that will without question, spread like a cancer to neighboring towns in St. Lawrence County? 500-foot tall turbines and the host of issues that they bring have the potential to force the closure of Ft. Drum, decrease property values and have this region of Upstate New York look like Tug Hill. For what? A fraction of the taxable value of the turbines? The massive environmental damage that will take place to build just the first 40 turbines will involve clear cutting hundreds of acres for roads, turbine foundation, facilities and power lines. Digging, dynamiting and pile-driving pose a real threat to local water supplies for both animals and people. Without question the biggest draw, for some the only draw to our part of the North Country is the visual appeal and the serenity that nature has provided. This project has been promoted as green and intended to help save the planet... the only thing the purposed North Ridge Wind project will bring is more hostility, division and buyers remorse once people understand what they have given away for themselves and generations to come.