Safety concerns raised at Norwood-Norfolk School
Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 7:47 am

There is some information that is incorrect concerning the recent incident that occurred at N-NCS and the “stranger” in the building. The administration says all went off well and no child or staff member was in danger. Well this is not true. The lock down at school is stated, by school officials, to have started shortly after 8 a.m. At this time all high school and middle school students were placed in active lock down mode. Our elementary students are currently on their buses at this time, with the knowledge that the building is not secure and accomplices could be in building, our children ages 4-10 were not only still bussed to the school but let off the buses. Let in the building and corralled quickly by all available personnel and whisked away to their classrooms to be put in immediate lock down mode. Why were they not taken to a safe place like the town hall or he Municipal Building and not right into the face of danger? This man had a gun, yes only a BB gun. But what if we were facing other circumstances? Our teachers and staff did Absolutely, what they should of and kept our children safe and calm in a scary moment. Unfortunately it was the administration that failed us here. Not only was the safety of the children not put first, but we were just shown that faced with a split second decision our administrations not capable of handling this type of incident. Thank you to the teachers, aids and staff members who made a difference today.