Rude pep band
Friday, October 29, 2010 - 12:17 pm

Recently my husband and I attended the Clarkson-SLU women’s hockey game at Appleton Arena. During a stoppage in play the announcer advised that at the next stoppage in play the numbers for the 50/50 would be announced. The next stoppage in play comes and the announcer begins to give the numbers and the Clarkson Band starts to play. The announcer stops speaking, the band stops playing. The announcer begins again and the band drummers begin again to make racket to drown him out. He stops, they stop. He begins a third time, the band starts in. Finally, the announcer is allowed to give out the numbers (at the top of his lungs). As the daughter of a former Golden Knight, I was embarrassed, and furious at this display of what only can be described as unacceptable behavior. If these young adults cannot represent Clarkson as they should, then maybe they shouldn’t represent Clarkson at all. At the very least, they owe the gentleman in the announcer’s box an apology.