Route 11 and I-98 supporters need meaningful talks, less bickering
Wednesday, February 6, 2013 - 1:06 pm

I have read articles from both sides of the I-98 backers and the Yes 11 people. Both sides have made this position perfectly clear. It is my opinion that nothing will be done until the I-98ers and the Yes 11ers sit down in a room and start working together to get both upgrades to Route 11 and build an interstate highway. This tug-of-war fight and bickering about what’s best has only been a detriment to getting anything done at all. The North Country has been neglected and overlooked for way too long. Upgrades to Route 11 should begin now while an interstate highway should be built as soon as possible. The U.S.A. sends billions of dollars to foreign countries annually. Why can’t it be spent right here in the North Country. The only question left is can we all work together to get it done.