Rooftop Highway a waste
Friday, December 28, 2012 - 8:47 am

So the ‘Rooftop Highway” tribe is back at it, beating the same old special interests drum, chanting the same old unsubstantiated snake-oil chants, to try and arm-twist politicians to do the impossible and the unjustifiable. They have a vision of returning to the heydays of the interstate highway era of the 1950’s so that they can try to bring back the economic development models of the early 1900’s. Our regional economy, long ago, was based on resource extraction and manufacturing and fabricating based on those resources. Newsflash: those days are long gone. Rooftoppers; take off your blinders and look forward at real and plausible change. Stop wasting time on a decades-off pipe dream that couldn’t even come online in our lifetimes.