Roadside spraying
Tuesday, June 6, 2017 - 7:52 am

I just witnessed state trucks spraying roadside and guardrails on State Highway 72 (by a small stream as well). While hogweed and visibility are issues, there has to be a better solution. When I was a child we would ride our bikes, taking rests and sitting on guardrails on the way. I have seen kids doing this recently as well as fishing over them and hanging out on them; this is a normal behavior. That being said, we need to keep that in mind when spraying pesticides on these sites, near waterways, etc. This is irresponsible. Parents need to talk to their kids and make sure they do not touch these areas. You will see the dead/ brown grass in the summer, but there will be no indication of the poison's presence until the foliage has died. The DEC and health department need to research safe ways of dealing with these issues. This is a time for job creation (road crew, weed removal the good old-fashion way).