Road safety reminder
Wednesday, April 25, 2012 - 1:36 pm

Just a reminder to parents and drivers alike--especially in the Village of Potsdam. The nice weather is bringing kids out on their bikes now, and it would be a good time for parents to remind their kids of the rules of the road. Drivers must also be on the alert for them to do the unexpected. Twice already this year, I’ve seen a young boy almost get hit by a car on Leroy Street because he darted out in front of traffic, and again this morning, a young boy (not sure if the same one) was zig-zagging his way across Market Street near Pleasant when there was a lot of traffic. Kids are also walking across Market where there are no crosswalks. Parents--please remind your children of the rules of the road, and remind them to be cautious and assume that drivers may not always see them.