Road blocks and revenue collection in Potsdam
Monday, June 14, 2010 - 12:58 pm

It used to be “Protect and Serve”. Now it’s “Roadblocks and Revenue Collection”.

I’m referring to the seven hour suspicion-less roadblock on Pierrepont Avenue in Potsdam last Thursday.

Free Americans should not be stopped for no reason while traveling the streets and highways of this great country.

Little by little our basic freedoms are being eroded under the excuse of more security or “it’s for your own safety.”

The only purpose of this particular road block was for revenue collection and to condition the public to even more intrusion on our freedom.

Police forces are too large in number. Do we really need in Potsdam coverage from village police, campus police, county sheriff, state police, Border Patrol and DEC Police? I, and virtually everyone I have talked to, do not enjoy being forced to process through a gauntlet of armed uniformed officers while driving the streets of Potsdam.

Raise your revenue by old fashioned patrolling, not random harassment.

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