Rights stripped from citizens, not often given back
Thursday, November 29, 2012 - 7:41 am

To the person who wrote “Smoking a Disgusting Habit” (Nov. 21 -27) - you’re right, it is. So is drinking alcohol. But guess what, they’re both legal, both are drugs, and they are both very addictive. So is food and believe it or not, seeing an obese person raiding the vending machine is offensive. Obesity raises insurance rates as well as smoking. Yes, smoking stinks. No, I don’t smoke. I know people who do. Good people who go to work and do their jobs. They work hard for their paycheck and they should spend it how they see fit. Why do you care about how much a pack costs and how they buy it? They are not on the system and they don’t have to answer to you. I see this country taking away the rights of its citizens, one by one, but I don’t see it giving back. And it starts at the County level – not in Washington. It starts with citizens and neighbors not being so judgmental, but to find ways for us to do the right things together.