Rights for grandparents
Wednesday, September 3, 2014 - 6:13 am

In response to “Grandparents’ Rights,” in NYS you need to prove to a court that it is within the child’s best interest for the grandparent to be involved in the child’s life. Generally speaking grandparent rights come into question when there is a deceased parent. Courts may consider a visitation from grandparent, typically though this only occurs again when the grandparent has proven to the court that it is within the child’s best interest for said grandparent to be involved in the child’s life. Keep a log of any issues you see arise. For example, a parent acting unlike a parent, arrests. etc. You also need to consider the impact of court action on the child. The child may be provided an attorney they may also be questioned by this person. There will also be a cost to you as well in attorney fees.


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