Republicans not always conservative, Stockholm man says
Thursday, May 10, 2012 - 12:23 pm

I live in the West Stockholm area and am amused with the repeated claim in the national and local media that Republican equals Conservative.

This is not true and repetition of this mantra does not make it true.

The invasion of Iraq ten years ago was never backed with a formal declaration of war by Congress, one trillion dollar cost was never paid for by corporations or taxpayers, no draft (just soldier abuse with repeated deployments and “Stop Loss” orders), private profit above all else with no-bit cost plus profit contracts and the “Patriot Act” which erased our Civil Rights and Liberties. During Ronald Reagan’s time 20% of all federal spending went to service the nation’s debt.

Today, and for the last decade, 30% of all federal spending is borrowed from China. Democrats, Republicans doesn’t matter, both parties have a lock on power and debate in this nation.