Removing guns from stores won't make schools safe
Wednesday, December 26, 2012 - 1:19 pm

When are people going to realize that it is the people that kill, not the guns. Removing these weapons will not stop someone from killing with them. They can and will get them from the streets, which the government can’t control. Maybe if the government paid better attention to our own country instead of foreign countries, then they would have better insight on background checks for guns. It’s sad, but true. We are saddened by the Sandy Hook shootings, but removing guns from stores isn’t going to help. We need stricter background checks, to help with control who buys them. Maybe weapons including hunting rifles, bows, etc… Should have to be registered when buying from a store. Who is to say that a hunter’s rifle wouldn’t be used for the same reason as the assault rifles or pistols. Stop blaming the weapons and put blame where it belongs, on the person using it. I am not a hunter, I don’t like guns, but I should have the right to have and or buy the one of my choice.