Regulating guns like cars
Monday, February 4, 2013 - 11:57 am

In regards to “Vehicles Dangerous” (Jan. 2-9), I was required to take a test in order to obtain the right to operate this “weapon” as you call my Jeep. I had to first operate it for a year with an adult. When I believed that I was ready to operate my weapon on my own, I took a test with a trained and certified instructor to determine that. I had to register the weapon in my name with the government, and if it changed hands, it is RE-registered in the new owner’s name. If I break laws involving my weapon I face penalties and could even lose the right to operate the weapon. Certain weapons such as high powered NASCAR and construction weapons are not available for me to own or operate due to lack of training. They are too powerful and serve no purpose in the civilian world.Those weapons are only for professionals.