Reader responds to "Political Calls Obnoxious"
Wednesday, July 11, 2012 - 2:38 pm

In response to “Political Calls Obnoxious,” (North Country This Week June 27- July 3), it is very disturbing that you push your own political agenda while complaining about political calls. Your approach is worse. Those calls reached only you but your political tirade was forced onto many who just want to enjoy local news. But, since you decided to do it, here are a couple of comments. First, one executive order (get informed, to date it was only one.) does not mean ‘those executive orders’. Secondly, you seem to be one of the people who never visited a communist country or a tyranny but are experts in both communism and tyranny. Can you then explain why millions of American citizens who escaped communism and tyranny to come and live in this great free country are not going back to their native countries? There aren’t any because they know better. Your comments are an insult to their intelligence.