Race track, drag strip
Friday, August 20, 2010 - 1:43 pm

In response to Colton “Unreasonable Measures” (Aug. 11-17): The writer has a point to make regarding the signs, cones and play equipment placed to the side of the road: I am glad you noticed them and thank you for slowing down. Before any one assumes, I am not a resident of Cottage Road. There are people who treat Cottage Road as a race track, it has many twists, turns and dips that leave many short sight distances. The road is posted at 25 mph. However, the people who have put signs, cones and play equipment at the side of the road have a point too. Some people are still behaving like morons and driving too fast. I have spent many hours watching my kids play in the water and go back and forth across the road. I have on many occasions had to flag drivers to slow down. Maybe the speeders are the same people treat the straight section of Gulf Road like a drag strip, pulling wheelies and racing at close to 60, sometimes side by side, just because it has new guard rails. It has a 35 limit for a reason.