Punish animal abusers
Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 6:41 am

In response to the story about the Lisbon man accused of animal cruelty for having 27 dead animals: It is time to throw the book at louts like this. The stench of death and rotting corpses must have been terrible there, and the possible diseases, worms and air-borne dangers would have had to be extreme. People like this should either spend good time in prison or a mental ward for every dead, maimed, malnourished or ignored animal he did those things to. They likely all died a long, slow, lingering death over long periods of time. Put him in jail. No bail and no early out, except for legit appeals. Unfettered, this type of person would eventually have that very same attitude about another human being’s life. He could turn to a lot of disgusting things. I say get him off our streets. It’s time to get tough and stay that way.