Public budget
Monday, March 17, 2014 - 6:45 am

In response to the Massena school board crafting the 2014-15 budget in public, I think that is an outstanding idea. I hope it works as there is an outstanding opportunity for nearly anyone to experience the actual meetings and take away the details they need to ask intelligent questions and offer intelligent opinion, for or against the budget. It should even be an opportunity for local news media to attend to let the public know of the pro-active and apparently well thought out process of holding the public meetings. Anyone who disturbs these meetings should be ejected. I say that because it is not a place for public input; the public at that point is to observe. Those wishing to be heard will have opportunities at future meetings designed for that purpose, too. I hope we’re seeing something functional and useful here; our kids deserve the best and the facts will be available to anyone who wishes to attend. I laud their plans for a great idea, even if it’s not necessarily going to result in no loss decisions. This could catch on at other local schools.