Preventing drunk driving
Friday, February 7, 2014 - 6:16 am

In his State of the State speech Gov. Cuomo said “47,000 drivers with three or more drunk driving convictions are still on the road...Let’s change the law: anyone convicted of drunk driving two times in three years should lose their license for five years, and three strikes and you’re out and you are off the road, period.” But losing a license is not enough to take a drunk, or drug impaired, driver off the road. Local police reports and radio news provide daily evidence of this. The man charged with the hit-and-run killing of Dick Morrow Dec. 23, 2013 was allegedly unlicensed and ability impaired by drugs. He had already “struck out” but was driving anyway. Mr. Governor, convicted drunk and ability-impaired drivers do not stay off the road. They drink. They do drugs. They drive. They kill people. How do we keep them off the road?