Presuming innocence
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 - 9:59 am

Presumption of innocence means that one is considered innocent until proven guilty. District Attorney Mary Rain and the media here in the North Country would do well to remember that. In a May 15 article from Time Warner Cable News, Ms. Rain is quoted as stating on the arrest of Nick Hillary “...there won’t be a great sense of accomplishment until he’s actually convicted.” Obviously Ms. Rain is trying to prove Mr. Hillary’s guilt, but that certainly seems to be a very confident statement of Mr. Hillary’s guilt and a definite contradiction of the law she has sworn to uphold. Murder is a heinous crime, and if Mr. Hillary is proven guilty then he should be prosecuted after his guilt is proven in a court, and not before. I want justice for Garrett as much as the next person, but not at the expense of our legal principles.