Potsdam's Bayside Cemetery is beautiful
Monday, June 28, 2010 - 1:11 pm

Regarding (“Sad To See Condition Bayside Cemetery Is In,” Letters, June 23-29), are we talking about the same place? Bayside Cemetery in Potsdam is beautiful, and the men who work there take pride in their work. I walk there every weekday and I see the work they do to keep it looking nice. When work is started in the middle of April, these two guys rake leaves five days a week, seven hours a day, for about six weeks, to make sure the cemetery looks nice for Memorial Day. An after that, it is the mowing and weed whipping every day, to keep it looking nice. Tell me these men don’t take pride in their work. Because of one rotten letter people are going to think Bayside is going down the tubes and looking terrible. NOT! If you have a complaint, maybe you should take it to the two men who work there, instead of writing a scathing, not necessarily true letter for everyone to read – and I know they would gladly help you however they can to keep your parents’ plot looking nice. Take a drive through, folks, and see how beautiful it is.


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