Potsdam toilet artist insulting to community
Tuesday, May 29, 2012 - 1:36 pm

Most have long since lost touch with the reason for Mr. Robar’s initial frustration with Potsdam, including him. Apparently, since village officials are not trying to upend his toilet art. They are unaffected. So, he is not hurting the folks he wants to. I would ask that he remember his years in the community, his family name and continued presence, his previous local contributions and understand that there is a cost for this rude stupidity, including the good feelings of a lot of folks who once thought very well of him. He is insulting a lot of people who care about the community with this “crap.” It seems he has a choice - man up and let it go, and maybe get some respect back from folks, or accept that this is what the Potsdam community will recall about him, rather than some decent stuff they could have remembered. This has never been about art or freedom of expression or property rights, it’s about wah, wah, wah. Maybe he did not deserve the good outcomes he wanted in the first place, and maybe his choice of expression now is an appropriate reflection of the man. Either way, I encourage you all - let’s not comment about it anymore. By continuing to do so, we are giving this crybaby just what he wants.