Potsdam recovery home good for community
Monday, November 5, 2012 - 11:03 am

I would like to applaud Carolyn White and John Ault for addressing a growing issue in the North Country: the need for a women’s halfway house. While NCFH in Canton has been under scrutiny, I feel it is important to address that this is far from the norm and that each house is run by different staff, each with their own guidelines. Carloyn, John and others have been working hard to address any potential issues and have experience working with the recovery community. I would encourage those in our area to stand behind a women’s halfway house, in Potsdam. This will provide a way to boost our economy and lend our support to women looking to do what we all aspire to do: better our lives. We all have a past; we all have regrets. These do not need to define our future or our thoughts/actions of today. Will you shun your neighbor or will you choose to show them hope, through actions of love? Where would you be today if other people didn’t help/encourage you during difficult times?