Potsdam doesn't need new hotel
Monday, April 1, 2013 - 10:19 am

It is my understanding that there is a new national chain hotel coming to Potsdam. It is also my understanding that the building of this hotel will force the closing or moving of four local businesses including Ton’s, Scoopuccinos, Village Florist, and car wash. Is this really what this community wants? Do we want to drive out all the local businesses and bring in national chains? Must we have our community taken apart one piece at a time, or in this case four, by corporate America? Why do we need another hotel? The hotels we have only fill up a few weekends a year. If we do invite a national chain hotel, why does it have to take out four local businesses? This seems so wrong to me. If we need a national chain hotel, which I think we do not, then why can’t it be built somewhere else? Why not in the industrial park or another place that won’t take out four established local businesses? It’s poor planning and deals like this made by local officials who see dollar signs, that are ruining our community.