Potsdam Central School bomb scare an act of terror
Wednesday, December 19, 2012 - 1:00 pm

It is completely appalling and totally insensitive of the person(s) who left a "bomb scare" note in Potsdam School on Dec. 18, given recent events in Connecticut. Oh, but I digress, I suppose it's not in a terrorist's nature to feel or experience sensitivity to such an issue. That's right, I say "terrorist." Is that not the definition of "terrorist"…. One who purposely invokes terror or fear in other individuals? I'm speaking of the fear that everyone in Potsdam school that day experienced. I hope that you remember to put the title of "terrorist" on your resume, since it is quite appealing for future employers to consider that you have the ability to provide such outstanding "qualities." Your parents should be so very proud, they have contributed much to society, a bit of "home grown terrorism."