Potsdam bomb scare perpetrator should be banished as terrorist
Wednesday, December 19, 2012 - 12:36 pm

I was just reading  a Letter to the Editor "Potsdam bomb scare perpetrator should remain anonymous to public, but not to justice system," concerning keeping the names of those who called in a bomb scare to the Potsdam Schools anonymous to the public upon prosecution. Are you nuts? I think that if anyone calls in a threat of any kind, esp. a bomb threat, and are convicted, not only should the names of these "people" be announced but photos of them should be shown everywhere denouncing them as terrorists and banishment from the community. Keeping the names quiet shows other sickos that it may be ok a no one will know. Bring back the stockades or perhaps public stoning for people like this, they do not deserve to live among us. It's time for people to have to be responsible for their actions once again. A terrorists will always be a terrorist.