Potsdam assessments and filing grievance
Thursday, May 16, 2013 - 2:24 pm

I wrote earlier that the Preliminary Assessment list for Potsdam would increase my taxes by $2,272.60 above last year’s $3,306.59. I then submitted a seven-page letter, with 42 color photos, to the Assessor describing the interior of my house, which he had not seen. The Tentative Assessment list has just been posted and the Assessor has reduced my assessment to the valuation I had requested. It is reasonably to conclude that if the Assessor had viewed the interior of my house, my appeal effort would not have been needed. I would suggest that in the future when the assessor’s initial computations indicate that the Preliminary Assessment should be increased by 30 percent or more, he should not post that increase unless and until he has viewed the interior of the house. Much anxiety could be avoided if he adopted such a policy.