Potsdam assessments: what am I paying for?
Thursday, May 2, 2013 - 4:15 pm

My family and I live in Norwood, but still pay Potsdam Town taxes. We just received the letter of reassessment stating that the assessed value just went up $5,500. The only thing we have done to our house is replace a roof that needed replacing when it blew off last fall in one of the wind storms. Why on earth would that make the value go up $5,500? Not only did they raise our assessment, but they somehow shrank our lot size too. How did that happen? Why am I paying Potsdam anyways? What does Potsdam do for Norwood? I don’t see them patrolling our streets. I don’t see them plowing our roads. They don’t supply our fire department. What am I paying Potsdam for?