Possibility of tragedy
Monday, August 16, 2010 - 12:16 pm

In reply to “Unreasonable Measures” (Aug. 11-17): What does the writer suggest for traffic to slow down and watch for children? These signs and obstacles to slow down are only placed when Cottage Road residents have company or are using the waterfront with children. I am very concerned about the possibility of a tragedy. Cones and signs by the side of the road are ignored by commercial traffic as well as residents who live beyond the road. The town needs to do something such as speed bumps, which we have asked about, and commercial traffic needs to be limited to small vehicles on the weekend. I can totally understand why people have resorted to more than just warnings on the side of the road. The sheriff has been contacted about this issue in the past, but there is always a new speeder and the use of cell phones is obvious to anyone watching from their decks or docks.