Poor crosswalk lighting
Friday, March 14, 2014 - 6:38 am

A recent discussion of crosswalk lighting by the Potsdam Village Board was heard on the radio. I think better lighting is needed at both Clarkson crosswalks; the one near the President’s house, the one near Kinneys, and the Roxy crosswalk. The Clarkson crosswalks are especially dangerous at night, when students wear dark clothing and dark hoodies. They expect cars to stop, so they walk into the road without looking and they are nearly impossible to see from any distance. There should be a lamp over the entrance to the crosswalks at both sides of the road at each of these three crosswalks. Is it necessary to wait for a accident to occur before the board takes action? I hope not. There was mention that the Village Board does not control lighting on Main Street near the Roxy. Certainly the Board can set into motion the necessary steps to get action taken. There is no excuse for the two poorly lit crossings on Clarkson Avenue, however.