Plowing not a waste
Wednesday, January 19, 2011 - 12:18 pm

I must respond to the author of “Wasted Plowing Money” and “Not Plowing Anything” (Sound Off, Jan. 12-18) (maybe the same author?). I have plowed roads and I believe that every municipal plow driver has the same mission: to make the roads safe for our neighbors, friends and relatives. Our drivers are out there whenever it is snowing: holidays, weekends, day or night. To some, it may be “wasting money”. To most of us, it is preventing accidents, so no one’s vehicles are damaged or worse, so no one is hurt or killed. I have a feeling that the same person that complains about too many trips over the road or plowing bare roads, would be the first to complain if the roads were not plowed adequately. By the way, DOT (plus the county and most towns) does have two shifts of plow drivers all winter long.