Pleased with principal
Monday, November 22, 2010 - 12:03 pm

I drove to Lawrence Ave Elementary School this morning to drop my son off at school. As I pulled up to the curb, I saw a tall man bundled up, greeting the kids as they filed off the bus. It was the principal, Mr. Larry Jenne. It filled me with such a happy feeling to watch as he greeted each child with a smile, a pat on the shoulder, or took a moment to look at the work they brought to school. The only memory I have of my school principal is that was who you saw if you were in trouble. I’m so glad to see a principal interacting on positive, encouraging levels with the children! What a great way for the start of the day at school. I also know that Mr. Jenne recently made good on a deal with the kids during a fundraiser by sleeping on the roof of the school, regardless of the fact they were a little short in reaching their goal. Mr. Jenne is a wonderful influence and a great role model for our kids in school at Potsdam, not to mention our community as a whole. Thank you!