Plan for Pine, Clarkson?
Tuesday, November 23, 2010 - 12:30 pm

Re: Sound Off “Good Work on Pine, Leroy” (Nov. 17-23) I wasn’t aware that Bruce Henderson worked for Luck Bros. Construction. I thought he worked for the village. Luck Bros. are the ones doing the work on Pine St. as well as Clarkson Ave. The planning that got me shaking my head was that right after Pine St. was paved, it was cut open and work was done on it again just past the far entrance to the arena. Whose plan was that? And the same was done at the entrance to Clarkson Ave. That was paved and dug up right after for utility work. So, there are still bumps in the newly paved roadway. This summer was the best in recent years for riding motorcycles—and Pine Street and Clarkson Avenue were horrible and dangerous. It would be a shame to see them become that way again if they need to be dug up and repaved too often. Let’s hope that, barring emergencies, the below grade work was done before they were paved!