Permission granted
Monday, September 20, 2010 - 11:56 am

This is in reference to your Sept. 1-7 issue of “This Week” which featured some photos of the Potsdam Farmers Market on the front page. One of those photos showed the image of a young Amish girl, identified as Anna Yoder. If the “This Week” staff was unaware of the fact that the Amish people do not hold with or want their pictures taken, you have just been educated of that fact. Unless you have permission, it is rude to take such liberties by intention or out of ignorance with any person...Amish or not! It is all the worse that you published the photograph, which the Amish would never want done.

Editor’s Note: As we explained to a letter-writer in our Sept. 8-14 issue, we asked for permission, as North Country This Week usually does in any case, and received it. The writer of this Sound Off might want to consider that not all Amish, or anyone else, will behave the way he believes they should.