Pep band not to blame
Friday, November 26, 2010 - 12:16 pm

I’d like to respond to “Pep Band Over the Top” (Nov. 10-16). I am both a Clarkson University alumnus and former Pep Band member. I was also at the hockey game in Lake Placid on Oct. 30. I would caution the writer from blaming the Pep Band for behavior exhibited by the general public. The Pep Band was certainly the most visible and audible representation of Clarkson University at the game, but it was not the band creating or participating in vulgar cheers. In fact, the band is instructed to play their instruments over rude or offensive cheers, which it did several times throughout the course of the game. While questionable behavior may have been exhibited, it was not by members of the Pep Band. The only thing “over the top” about the Clarkson University Pep Band is their passion for creating a positive and exciting atmosphere surrounding Clarkson hockey.