Pedestrian problems
Monday, June 26, 2017 - 10:23 am

I've read the recent Sound Offs about crossing the street in Canton and whole-heartedly agree that there needs to be a change for the sake of safety. I lived in Potsdam for several years and there, when the pedestrian has the light to cross, traffic stops from all directions. In Canton, traffic can still turn right on red when the crosswalk is on and many drivers don't pay attention or incorrectly assume that the person is crossing on a 'Don't Walk' light. I've had people intentionally inch at me (while pushing my child's stroller, no less) to hurry me along as I attempt to make my way across the crosswalk by the Bagelry to the park or the park to the movie theatre. It's a dangerous situation and one that the village needs to address. Downtown Canton is not pedestrian-friendly. It's a line of law offices where there could be great shops and restaurants, combined with heavy traffic. It's a shame, because with the beautiful park and so many shop fronts, downtown Canton could really be something great!