Parents’ rights?
Tuesday, October 15, 2013 - 7:00 am

In response to “Threat Overblown?,” I agree that the perceived threat at Potsdam Central was overblown. There wasn’t enough information about the reason the man was angry. Maybe the school policies should be reviewed and maybe the staff gave him reason. I have tried to visit my daughter at school and was told the school policy doesn’t allow parents to see their children in school. I was angry about this myself. It seems more like a prison than a school. Vindictive parents and family courts also prevent visitation of non-custodial parents in other “legal” ways. Parental rights in St. Lawrence County family courts are stomped on, particularly fathers’. Children growing up without both parents are more likely to get into trouble with drugs, alcohol, pregnancy and other problems. Are we “terrorizing” the other children with these “lockouts?” Schools should use more discretion and put the facts out there as to why this person was angry.