Parenting priorities
Friday, March 21, 2014 - 6:34 am

In response to “Good Parenting,” when I became a parent, I quickly learned that you make a lot of sacrifices. You want the best for your child and that means putting them first. Today however, with all the free services available such as Medicaid and food stamps etc…of course the tax credit you get for popping out a baby, where is the incentive for a better life for you or your child? You can’t work a full time job with low wages and no benefits and no health insurance, yet choose to not be responsible and can afford cigarettes, tattoos, piercings and alcohol…yet still qualify for free services that we pay for. None of this stuff is cheap, yet you have the money for these things, but can’t afford the basics like food, rent and electricity. Common sense classes need to be taught apparently. Time to take a stand and re-educate. One tattoo is a full weeks groceries for some of us. You should be ashamed.