Parenting classes needed
Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - 12:32 pm

To the writer of ‘Not A Lot Of Options’ (Oct. 13-19): I can remember a time when you went shopping and children were with their parents and they did not run wild and scream and yell. I for one took my children and they never acted like that. If they did, we would leave or they would get a small swat on their butt. Oh yeah, you supposedly can’t do that – it might hurt their psychic being. Hogwash. Parents need to take control, make their children behave when in public, and if they can’t, then leave them home with a sitter. I am sorry – too many parents today do not discipline enough and let their kids run wild. Yes, children can get out of hand but it is the adult’s responsibility to rein them in if they can’t, then maybe they better take parenting classes and learn how to parent effectively.