In over their heads
Friday, May 9, 2014 - 7:10 am

We’ve heard it all: A hydro developer going bankrupt, a lawsuit, parts missing, two or three contractors supplying and installing parts for this project, three-year delay in start-up in an unheated building, waiting for a National Grid contract, faulty vibration sensors, worn out bearings due to too much vibration…a never ending story which leads back to misinformed government officials spending your tax dollars. Mayor Yurgartis and the village are in over their heads. Do the math taxpayers…this plant fully operational without any malfunctions can produce $200,000 annually. The cost projected to you now is $4,000,000. Do you think these generators will run for the next 20 years without major overhauls and/or maintenance bills such as bearing replacements, winding replacements and turbine upgrades? The village government needs to realize they have invested taxpayer monies at a waste, admit their mistakes and sell this property to an entity that can absorb the cost over-runs for a longer period of time than what local taxpayers can afford.