Over policed in St. Lawrence County
Thursday, May 2, 2013 - 4:16 pm

Do you believe that your friends, neighbors and surrounding community members are all criminals that should be constantly scrutinized by the police? If not, why is it acceptable for there to be a SLC Sheriff between Potsdam and Canton, a US Border Patrol agent in the village of Canton, and three NYS Troopers between the villages of Canton and Gouverneur on a Sunday afternoon? After Gouverneur I did not see any police officers until the City of Watertown. I was minding my own business and not breaking any laws, however this still felt intimidating and threatening. I have traveled to many other places and never seen a law enforcement presence like upstate New York, particularly St. Lawrence County. If you do not feel that everyone around you is a criminal, why would you accept this type of bullying behavior that does nothing but spend more tax dollars during a period of horrible economic conditions?