Ogdensburg playground not kid-friendly
Tuesday, September 21, 2010 - 4:24 pm

Saturday my mother, young nephew and I went to the children's playground down by the city docks in Ogdensburg. As we approached the entrance to the playground, we noticed a young man of about 15, holding on to the guard rail over the green tubular slide and STOMPING up and down on that slide! I repremanded him and he stopped. As we got closer, two of them ran in front of my mother, nearly knocking her over. When we got inside, there were 4 more and they were all running up, down and all around the structure, playing tag and totally oblivious to the young children and the others there on site. One even stopped for a SMOKE break right there on the playgound! Secondly, when my little nephew starting play, a young 9 yr old girl came up and starting playing with him. When I asked where her mom was, she said in the car SLEEPING! We were there for about an hr and that little girl was with us all that time. Thirdly, another couple sat and talked and read magazines away from the main area, while their 3 yr old was left in charge of their 1 yr old. They only took notice when I told them the 1 yr old had fallen out of the baby swing (incidentally WAY too high for kids!) and they didn't even know where the kids were. I spoke up when the 3 yr old was blamed! No -- YOU were to blame! I was very upset at 95% of the scene that took place there. 1stly... older kids should NOT be allowed to play in there. i don't begrudge them space to run and play, but it shouldn't be at that playground... 2ndly... NO SMOKING in that area... 3rdly, children MUST be accompanied and monitored by adults. When we left, sure enough, there in the car next to us, front seats reclined, was that little girl's mother and her husband/companion. Sorry we woke you up when we were leaving. Do you realize that had your daughter been abducted when she first got there, it would have been AT LEAST an hour before you even knew she was gone. Parents, please pay more attention to your children and participate in their play. Not only is it healthy for both them and you, but for goodness sake -- what are you thinking, leaving a child unprotected against injury and PEDOPHILES! That little girl, I'm sure would much rather have had her mother be there in the playground with her, than sleeping in the parking lot with someone else. And to the other parents.. what were you thinking leaving a 3 yr old in charge of a 1 yr old... as far as I'm concerned these are both cases of CHILD ENDANGERMENT! Wake up, enjoy your children, spend time with them... if you can't -- then QUIT HAVING THEM!