Nuclear power plant...really?
Monday, January 17, 2011 - 11:26 am

In regards to the discussion of a nuclear power plant for Massena...what IS it with Massena, that they would even consider this. We are already on the Superfund site for the worst contamination you can possibly get. Must be the citizens are so used to being treated like they have no voice, once again we are discussing a plant nobody else will want. Do you see Potsdam, Canton or even Malone wanting this? No.Why can't Massena get a community college, something that stresses education, or how about a man-made ski area, something that promotes physical health. No, Massena is talking nuclear plant ideas. I swear, this town really needs to wake up, and make no mistake about it, after it's "discussed," Massena will do what it wants, regardless...kind of like the turf field nobody wanted at the highschool and then presto, whoops it got voted in. Really?