Nothing to squeeze
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 6:44 am

In response to “Half Days To Save Money,” when did we decide to treat education the same way we treat quarterly profit reports on corporations? Of course we could squeeze money by trying to make it the leanest most efficient machine possible; but at what cost the students? Online courses are a joke. I have taken some and you can cherry pick the facts and pass without gaining any real knowledge. Does this mean teachers and staff go from having a job with benefits to having a part time job? Who will watch children that are now home half of the day? With the increase in regulation on teaching and expectations, would it make sense to cut the time students spend in front of teachers in half? The answer should never be to take away more from a system that has already been reduced to the point where BOCES is the only way to take an elective course. I would rather pay more in taxes to keep schools running at full capacity rather than paying money for public assistance to keep these same kids in daycare.