Not school’s fault
Monday, December 13, 2010 - 12:19 pm

This is in response to “School Fails Son” (Sound Off, Dec. 8-14): This is what teachers are up against. A parent is angry that the superintendent did not hike out and bring back their son while he was living in a tent. And that year that your son was suspended for drugs, the ball rolled back into your court. This is your time to be a parent and identify why your child is so addicted to drugs that he had to bring them to school, as well as seeing to it that he does not do it again. Have you ever thought about calling someone else about these drugs that you know he has? That is what law enforcement is for. Schools lecture and give detentions, police bring results. Being a parent means making those tough decisions. You can’t be their friend all the time. That year off was your time to save your child and turn him around. Since, according to you, he now still lives in the woods in a tent and is still on drugs, I would have to say you failed.