Not paid for summer
Thursday, March 17, 2011 - 1:41 pm

I just read the “pro-rated salary” opinion about teachers’ salaries (“Consider Consolidation,” March 9-15).  When I taught, I worked from September to June and did not work July and August.  I was paid from September to June and received no salary for July and August.  So if my contract read $35,000 I was paid $35,000.  I had money taken out for my retirement, I had money taken out for state and federal taxes, I had money taken out for FICA, my union dues were deducted and I had to put money aside each month toward the two months I wasn’t paid.  I still had to pay my utilities, my mortgage, my car payment, gas for the car,  and feed myself during July and August.  And I paid for tuition for the college classes I was taking during my two ‘vacation’ months.  From my first check in September, I paid my school taxes.  Many teachers I worked with had to take another job for the summer.  I’m not complaining, I loved my job and looked forward every September for the first day of school just like I did as a child.  I miss that feeling now that I’m retired.  By the way, I pay for my own health insurance and have since I retired.