Not in my back yard
Friday, April 14, 2017 - 7:01 am

The windmill controversy and the “not in my backyard mentality.” The United States consumes electricity at an alarming rate and our community is no exception. For about 90 percent of the people protesting the windmills, it is because “it does not benefit them’” and “why should I sacrifice anything for another community.” Well some community somewhere is providing our energy in their backyard. But, I guess, as long as we don’t have to see how our community’s energy consumption effects the environment or our property values ”It’s all good “, we don’t have to reduce our carbon footprint. We can go on being the greedy energy consumers that we have always been. To those of you who are truly worried about the environment and work hard to reduce your carbon footprint, I applaud you. Please help people understand that the only way to truly keep this stuff out of “our backyard” is by not only reducing their overall consumption of electricity, but fossil fuels as well. I wonder how much oil our community will consume from the Dakota pipeline? Oh well, it’s not in our backyard.