Not all their fault
Friday, May 21, 2010 - 1:56 pm

To the writer of ìTeens Know Betterî (May 11-17): Each day in the U.S. we lose 1,200 people to tobacco related illnesses. You are correct, tobacco use is an individual choice and tobacco companies are not forcing teens to smoke or chew. However, they use advertisements, create products like chocolate flavored cigarettes and green apple flavored chewing tobacco and a variety of other tactics to make tobacco use appealing to teens. While tobacco use starts out as an individual choice it quickly grows into an addiction that can feel like someone is holding a gun to your head. This is thanks to the 4,800 chemicals that are added to tobacco products to speed up addiction. Like any business tobacco companies stop at nothing to help their business, as a way to replace the 1,200 customers they lose every day they target youth. Each day 4,000 teens try their first cigarette, half become addicted. So like many things in a teenagers life, they may know better but because of the addictive nature of the product they continue to use it. Rather than say ìdeal with itî letís try to fix the problem.

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