Norwood-Norfolk and Potsdam rivalry becoming dangerous?
Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 12:17 pm

In response to “Sportsmanship Missing” (Jan. 23 – 30) Potsdam and Norwood-Norfolk met again last night. Once again Potsdam only played their starters for a few minuets each quarter. The score was still very lopsided.The thing I would like to bring up is the Norwood-Norfolk team received three technical fouls and two intentional fouls. The two intentional fouls both were two-handed push from behind while a Potsdam player was trying to make a lay-up. This is very dangerous and uncalled-for. I would hope that the Norwood-Norfolk coach speaks to his players about sportsmanship. I know that all our youth players play with great intensity, but the need to keep their emotions in control is supposed to be one of the things that youth sports also teaches.