Norwood dissolution would save taxpayers money
Thursday, November 1, 2012 - 12:51 pm

In regards to the Norwood Dissolution From the Township of Potsdam: It just seems logical to me that if Norwood, Norfolk, and Raymondville once all combined their schools into one in the past, that this great idea can be done in several other aspects as; fire department, police department municipal offices, rescue squads, libraries, post offices, etc. A combination of all three villages could become one township, separate from the Town of Potsdam, thus eliminating the taxes paid to Potsdam, and lowering taxes for all three areas in question for futures to come. This idea wouldn’t necessarily cut any job positions or require new buildings to be built, but maybe combine them all together in one organizational manner. The last time I knew, it was cheapest to combine things rather than go solo.